Orange County Children’s Book Festival


Each year the Orange County Children’s Book Festival features popular authors, illustrators, storytellers, entertainers and exhibitors that support reading and education along with fun activities for families.

Click each underlined title to view our list of authors and illustrators or view each stage schedule below.


Children’s Favorite Authors

Many popular authors will be attending the Orange County Children’s Book Festival this year. You will want to meet them and listen as they reading from their books on stage or in an exhibitor’s booth. Most will be signing their books creating a treasured purchase.

Talented Illustrators

Watching an artist create their famous characters spell bounds young and old alike. You will want to meet and learn how Characters from Disney, Sesame Street and your favorite books are drawn up close!

Captivating Storytellers

A special favorite for everyone is listening and watching the professional and engaging storytellers. Set in a quieter section of the Orange County Children’s Book Festival the entire family will be entertained and be a little more rested.

Wild Animal Stage

Our Wild Animal Stage features authors of books about animals together with handlers of some very exotic animals.

Live Animal Petting Zoo

A huge favorite at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival is the FREE petting animal area set adjacent to the animal stage and exhibit area.

Middle Grade / Teen / Young Adult Stage

The festival is host to many popular middle grade to young adult authors.
Many of them will present on the stage or interact as part of a lively discussion panel.

Early Reader Stage

New this year is the Early Reader Stage which will feature books and activities for children just starting out on their own adventures in reading.

Family Friendly Entertainment

Parenting OC Main Entertainment Stage
The Orange County Children’s Book Festival features a variety of entertainment for the entire family. In addition to our middle grade/teen/YA, animal, illustrator, storyteller, and cooking stages, the Festival features professional and semi-professional entertainment on the Parenting OC Main Entertainment Stage. Come and grab a front row seat and stay all day!